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Enterprise Data Center Operators, Inc.
New Technology Reports License Agreement


Part 1-2

This is a brief overview of what the Agreement means.  But you are still subject to the formal legal agreement (on the next page), so read it carefully. 
PLEASE READ THE AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE continuing to the next page.  Because if you don’t agree, stop now.

  • You can use the information in this document (in your own words) either personally, or on behalf of your employer (say in an analysis you write).

  • You cannot share the original document with others, including coworkers.Nor can you sell it.

  • You cannot just paraphrase the report and pass that around, sell it, etc.(Let alone present it as your own work.)

  • You can use brief excerpts in papers, presentations, etc., with credit to EDCO

  • You can make back-up copies. You must retain the copyright notice, watermark, etc. when you do so.

  • The materials remain the property of EDCO.You can use them; you don’t own them.

  • If you want to terminate this agreement, you can do so.But you have to destroy all copies.(No refunds are available.)

  • The materials are “as is” – these are our considered opinions, or best understanding, as of the date it was written.  You still need to figure out for yourself what it means for your organization.


If you have any questions concerning this Agreement, you may contact EDCO by emailing to:  info@e-dco.com

For Questions: Contact us at info@e-dco.com