Heads Up!  Monitoring Service
by Enterprise Data Center Operators
What is it?

You need to know when new protocols will be impacting your networks.  Our "Heads Up!" monitoring service will alert you.


New protocols may create problems for diagnostics and security monitoring.

What protocols are supported?

TLS1.3 and TLS1.2 are being monitored.   Coming soon: QUIC and encrypted DNS.

What are you monitoring?

On the server side: the Alexa top 1 million sites.  On the client side: a number of popular client operating systems (OS)

What information will I receive?

Click HERE to see a sample report.

What will it cost?

You may subscribe for $250 per month for a report to be sent to your email.  Reporting will start May 1, 2018

Your support will help fund monitoring protocol changes and other changes in standards. 

How do I subscribe?

Fill in the contact form below to preregister for your report.

For Questions: Contact us at info@e-dco.com