Executive Summary

The folks who write standards at the IETF are technical experts.  But, overwhelmingly, they are not involved in running large enterprise data center networks.  We need a translation mechanism between the IETF (and other standards bodies) and large enterprises.  Why?  Because without it, those writing the standards may overlook critical implementation issues, and those who implement the standards will get blindsided.  Current examples include TLS1.3, potential problems with encrypted DNS, QUIC, etc.

IETF is not the only standards organization of concern but it is where we will start.  EDCO believes that we can become the voice of industry and government enterprise data centers into the world of standards organizations. EDCO tries to ensure that standards support optimal operation of multi-vendor environments prevalent in enterprises.

Our Goals

To collaboratively monitor protocol changes and other changes in standards.  For example, there are over 100 Working Groups (WGs) at the IETF.  No one organization can cover the activities of all WGs without allocating a great many resources.

Member Benefits

  • Gain first-hand knowledge of concerns and requirements of other large enterprises in a neutral environment

  • Collaborate with others on actively creating change to impact issues important to the industry and to your own business

  • Access world-renowned experts in the industry

  • Meet with the EDCO Advisory Board on a regular basis for updates

Member Expectations (Annual)

  • $10K is for enterprises with over 1000 employees.

  • $5K for 999 - 500 employees

  • $2,500 for 499- 25 employees

  • $250 for 25 or less

  • $100 for individuals


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Enterprises with over 1000 employees

999 - 500



499 - 25



25 or less



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